Mental Health

Mental health is a key priority for the PPF and as such we worked with MIND and the Sport and Recreation Alliance to establish the Charter for Mental Health for Sport.   We support the important work carried out by Player Associations on mental health and well-being for current and retired sportspeople. We use key awareness events to raise awareness of key mental health issues for professional sportspeople and help break down the stigma.

Charter for Mental Health for Sport

Nearly 300 organisations are signed up to the Charter for Mental Health for Sport which has seen a really positive impact on how sporting organisations tackle mental health issues. We were pleased to see the Department of Culture, Media and Sport reference the Charter and highlight mental health as a key outcome of sport in their 2015 sports strategy.

Find out more here about the Charter and view some of the best practice case studiesamong the signatories. Organisations wishing to sign up to the Charter can use a simple online entry form asking for three action points

Mental Health Campaigns

We use events such as Mental Health Awareness Week and Time To Talk Day to raise awareness and help break down the stigma around mental health. We have produced a series of short films featuring former players discussing mental health and sport and some of the key mental health issues professional sportspeople come up against during their playing career and beyond.





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