What We Do

The Professional Players Federation, formerly the Institute of Professional Sport, was established in 1991 and is the national organisation for the professional player associations in the United Kingdom.

There are over 17,500 professional sportsmen and women in Britain and the PPF is dedicated to promoting, protecting and developing the collective interests of these players.

Since our formation, player associations have gone from strength to strength, helping to lead the way in the promotion of a number of ground-breaking initiatives in sport, such as anti-racism, tackling the stigma around mental health and other welfare and education programmes.

Our key objectives are:

  • Provide a forum for the member player associations
  • Undertake initiatives to support professional sportspeople
  • Represent the collective views of the professional players associations to government and the media
  • Support the formation of new player associations with advice and practical support

The PPF is a not-for-profit body funded by member associations, charitable donations and commercial sponsorship, we receive no government funding.

For more detailed information about the work we do, please visit our Resources section.