The PPF is governed by its members who meet three times a year as a board to agree the overall priorities for the association. There are three directors who are elected by the board to form the Directors Committee which is responsible for the management of the PPF.

In addition there are a number of specialist committees with a focus on specific areas:

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The EDI Committee was established in 2023 and aims to support members with embedding ED&I into their respective Player Associations to inspire positive change. The Committee Chairs have developed a simple framework which can guide and support Associations progress against four key priority areas: Recruitment, Data, Communications & Engagement and Learning & Development.

CHAIR: Simone Pound, Director of ED&I, Professional Footballers Association

Women's Sport Committee

The PPF Women’s Sport Committee was established in 2022 with the aim of improving the experience of being an elite female player, no matter what stage of the professional pathway they're on. The committee aims to focus activity in key areas of Marketing and Communications, research priorities and findings as well as enhancing the services and support offered to female members across all associations.

 CHAIR: Liz Bloor, Managing Director, Netball Players Association

COMMITTEE FOCUS: Find out more about Liz and the Women's Sport Committee

Wellbeing Committee

In 2018 it was decided to form a dedicated committee for mental wellbeing. The group includes the Player Associations as well as UK Sport and aims to provide advice and support on all issues around the mental wellbeing of athletes. There is a focus on education, treatment and prevention.

CHAIR: Michael Bennett, Director of Player Wellbeing, Professional Footballers Association

COMMITTEE FOCUS: Find out more about Michael and the Wellbeing Committee

 Communications Committee

Established in 2017, the Communications Committee brings together Player Association staff to share best practice on all communications. There is a strong focus on how best to engage players as well as running campaigns and working with the media. The group also provides advice and support for the PPF’s campaigns.

CHAIR: Luke Reynolds, Head of Communications, Professional Cricketers Association

Education & Training Committee

The committee was established in 2010, to share and develop best practice in the personal development of athletes. As well as the PPF membership meetings includes the home country sports institutes and colleagues from Ireland as well as TASS and Rugby League Cares.   The group contains some of the leading experts on dual career and career transition education.

CHAIR: Paul Raven, Education Executive, Professional Footballers Association