RPA - 29th January 2024 - RPA Partners with Podium Analytics

RPA - 29th January 2024 - RPA Partners with Podium Analytics

January 29

The RPA and Podium Analytics are joining forces to continue the advancement of change in the professional game of rugby that will promote and improve player welfare. The plan for the partnership is to advocate for this through research into injury prevention and call for change to rules and regulations to reduce the risk of injury in rugby.

The RPA will work to promote research projects that are being undertaken by The Podium Institute for Sports Medicine and Technology and Podium’s partners and stakeholders. These projects have been formally endorsed by the RPA Board to drive maximum buy-in and participation in relevant studies from RPA members. One example of this is the multimodal head injury study, which aims to result in the development of a Head Injury Dose Model for Rugby Union.

The essential insights and learnings that are taken from the professional game will be pivotal in implementing effective change at the grassroots and youth level over time, so that the game of rugby can evolve to better protect players at all levels.

Andy Hunt, Chief Executive at Podium Analytics, commented: “This valuable partnership with The Rugby Players Association will help us promote player welfare and advocate for regulations that help keep people playing the sport they love for longer. We are a science-led organisation, and this research collaboration will be key to providing the data and evidence that underpin our recommendations for the professional sport – and the translational research that ensures the grassroots community benefit too.

2024 is going to be an exciting year for us both, and one with more sport and less injury.

Christian Day, General Secretary of the RPA said: “We’re excited to announce this partnership between The Rugby Players Association and Podium Analytics. We want players to be as safe as can be on the pitch whilst also retaining the essence of what rugby union is all about – a fast, physical and exciting sport. To have the support and expertise of an organisation like Podium will provide a scientific depth and understanding of what the players go through and the initiatives that we have in the pipeline will provide a step forward for players in this country.”