PPF - 16th May 2022 - Career Transition Week provides new Resources for Players

PPF - 16th May 2022 - Career Transition Week provides new Resources for Players

May 16th 2022

Today sees the start of the Professional Players Federation (PPF) Career Transition Week supported by the Tom Maynard Trust. Throughout the week, we will be showcasing the wide ranging services and resources offered by player associations to help sportspeople prepare for their second career.

The PPF has produced five Career Factfiles as well as two Video resources providing a range of Career Transition tips from Personal Development Managers as well as a number of players and former players who have successfully developed a second career alongside or post their sporting careers.

Matthew Maynard, Trustee of the Tom Maynard Trust, said:

“We are delighted to support the PPF as they demonstrate the wide ranging opportunities for today’s sportspeople to make contacts, build skills and gain qualifications which will help them prepare for the future. I know from experience that if players have planned ahead, they not only have a much smoother transition into their next career but they often perform better as sportspeople too.”

Paul Raven, PFA Education Executive and Chair of the PPF Education & Training Committee, said:

“Payer associations constantly seek opportunities to support athletes in preparing for the inevitable move away from playing and competing. It is great to be able to showcase some of their work during this week and hopefully athletes will be able to access both information and inspiration to help them plan and prepare for the future.”

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