PJA - 18th October 2022 - New Inclusion and Respect Films for Jockeys

PJA - 18th October 2022 - New Inclusion and Respect Films for Jockeys

18th November 2022

As part of the Jockey Matters film series, the PJA and JETS have today released a new film entitled ‘Respect and What We Say’ which follows the recent implementation of an industry Code of Conduct. A second film focusing on Inclusion has also been released. Both films feature a conversation between a group of five Flat and Jump jockeys, hosted by Hayley Moore, and with advice from Inclusion expert, Chris Gibbons.

The Respect film focuses on the type of language used in the weighing room, how jockeys conduct themselves with each other and what everyone can do to ensure others feel respected. It also signposts support for anyone who is affected by behaviour that may fall short of the agreed standards.

The second film entitled ‘Inclusion and What We Can Do’ looks at what more jockeys can do to celebrate difference and help create a more inclusive and diverse environment so everyone, regardless of their gender, sexuality or ethnic background, feels welcomed into racing.

The making of these films form part of the PJA and JETS action plans within the Diversity and Inclusion Industry Commitment and, along with the industry wide Respect in Racing campaign, reflects racing’s collective ambition to promote the highest standards of behaviour and a culture of respect.

Ian McMahon, Chief Executive of the Professional Jockeys Association said:

“Respect and inclusion are key values in society and we hope these films will be a useful catalyst for jockeys to continue the discussion about these issues between themselves. Everyone in racing has a collective responsibility to uphold and continuously look to improve standards and we see jockeys playing an important role in this.”

JETS Manager, Lisa Delany, said:

“We are very grateful to the jockeys who took part in this filming and the education session with Chris Gibbons beforehand. It is clear that jockeys generally show a great deal of respect towards each other and have an inclusive attitude but there is certainly more education to be done in this area which will benefit everyone.”