PFA - 8th March 2020 - New Womens Football Department

PFA - 8th March 2020 - New Womens Football Department

March 8th 2020

The PFA is delighted to announce the launch of a new Women’s Football department, headed up by current Player Management Executive Marie-Christine Bouchier, in her new role as Director of Women’s Football.

Replacing the Player Management department, Women’s Football will focus on evolving the women’s game and continue to best serve our female members. Gender equality has always been a huge part of the work we do at the PFA, and we are proud to have consistently provided assistance and advice to female players in all aspects of their careers.

The PFA has been actively supporting female footballers as members for twenty years, and our work on the national team’s centralised contacts and the Women’s Super League has helped to professionalise the women’s game. The Women’s Football department will build on the work we already do to support women’s football, with exciting initiatives already planned to ensure female players’ best interests are voiced.

This includes the implementation of a women's Professional Football Negotiating Consultative Committee (PFNCC) alongside The FA. Currently, The FA, Premier League, English Football League, and the PFA sit on a board to ensure no changes can be made to male players' working conditions without their agreement. Now we need an equivalent for female players, so we can further solidify the decision-making process in terms of rules and regulations.

Marie is eager to take up her new Director role saying, “We now have a dedicated Women’s Football department because the women’s game is growing at such a fast rate, that we want to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to support the developing needs of the players. Just as the PFA did historically in the development stages, we want to keep helping to push the game forward, and this department enhances the support system we already have in place for female players”.

The creation of this department will ensure that the PFA remains forward-thinking with regards to development of women’s football and are adapting to our member’s requirements as the game progresses.

As always, all current and former professional football players can expect the PFA and PFA Charity to continue to support them both on and off the field, at every stage of their careers.

For more information how the PFA and the PFA Charity support current and former female players, please visit: