PCA - 20th October 2023 - Players lobby ECB at Players Summit

PCA - 20th October 2023 - Players lobby ECB at Players Summit

October 20th 2023

Players from across the country met in London at the PCA Summit this week to discuss key issues affecting the game in England and Wales.

Made up primarily of representatives from the Players’ Committee, 23 players attended the two-day event at the Tower Hotel and were invited to deliberate the current cricketing landscape and what the future holds for professional players.

These discussions were facilitated by player only meetings on day one, which enabled players to come to a collective agreement on certain aspects.

Attendees were supported through pre-prepared reading materials with the aim to aid the gathering of opinions from their dressing rooms, enabling all viewpoints to be accounted for.

On day two of the Summit, four representatives from the ECB (Richard Gould, Vik Banerjee, Alan Fordham and Beth Barrett-Wild) joined the players for an in depth and open conversation led by PCA Chair James Harris on topics high on the agenda for the players.

Players then had specific breakout sessions to discuss topics that solely affected the men’s and women’s games.

Key issues discussed surrounded the upcoming negotiations for the County Partnership Agreement for the men and the Regional Partnership Agreement in the women’s game, alongside important topics such as the ECB’s future plans for The Hundred.

PCA Chief Executive Officer, Rob Lynch, said: “This is a date in the diary that I look forward to. Crucially, the Summit allows us to get that feedback from our members and helps us direct our strategy in the game.

“From England men’s and women’s teams through to the counties and regions, I’ve never seen a time when the players have been so engaged and knowledgeable about the issues that the game faces.

“Passion is the word that comes to mind from the last few days, the players are the game’s biggest asset and it’s great to see them wanting to have their say for the future of cricket.”

PCA Chair and Glamorgan bowler, James Harris, said: “I’m really happy with how the last two days have gone, we had more conversations with the players and we’ve given them as much opportunity as possible to air the opinions of their dressing rooms.

“We need to make sure that going into the next negotiations we get what the players want.

“Without the players we don’t have a game, to tell them our views is really important and hopefully they’ll go away with some good points to utilise.”