PCA - 11th November 2021 - Domestic women cricketers benefit from new training initiative

PCA - 11th November 2021 - Domestic women cricketers benefit from new training initiative

November 11th 2021

Throughout the summer of 2021, the PCA and ECB have jointly funded media training workshops for all domestic women’s cricketers.  Watch Video

The sessions were put together and delivered by former Kent cricketer and now broadcaster, Dave Fulton, and they went out to all eight women’s regional centres across the country.

The training consisted of a 30-minute virtual introduction followed by a 90-minute practical workshop, with the aim of building players’ confidence and ability when engaging with the media.

This was the first season of professional domestic women’s cricket and the first season of The Hundred. Both the PCA and the ECB felt that with increased media presence it would be vital to give the players support for when they appear in front of cameras.

With many players conducting their first major interviews live on television, it was a key aim this year for the PCA’s Personal Development and Welfare Programme.

The media training sessions follow on from further work that the PCA has done with the new domestic women cricketers, including a formal introduction to the PCA late last year as well as a virtual Rookie Camp that all of the new professionals were invited to attend.

Sunrisers and Manchester Originals’ Cordelia Griffith spoke to the PCA after completing one of the sessions: “This is something that we have not had too much experience of, but we learned so much from the session and if we can take that into the future that will be great.

“Fults (Dave Fulton) has done a lot of media work and has been in the industry for a long time, so it was great to pick up a few tips from him that we can take forward.”

England, South East Stars and Oval Invincibles’ Tash Farrant gave her thoughts on the sessions: “This is so important – it is a big part of the women’s game now with it getting more professional. Some of the girls have done it before but it is great for some of the younger girls coming through.

“We have learned how to portray ourselves and how we want to go about putting our messages across, as well as other little things that are going to make a big difference.”

Presenter of the media training sessions, Dave Fulton, said: “The increased exposure that the women’s game is getting means that players are going to find themselves in front of cameras more often, which is great to see. It is important that they hold themselves well, so it gives them an opportunity to sell themselves, sell their teams and sell the game.”

“It is also important to help them understand that the media is not the enemy and that the reason they are probably in front of the camera is because they have had a good day. If they can do it well then you just never know where it might lead. If you look at some of the real stars of the game like Isa Guha, she is making a very successful broadcasting career.”

PCA Lead Personal Development Manager Charlie Mulraine, who worked closely with the players on this project, spoke about the importance of the workshops: “It is vital that we continue to help our members to up-skill. In this circumstance, when they have their first interview with Sky, the BBC or any media outlet, they will know that they have done the necessary practice and preparation to be able to handle it well.

“From our members’ perspective, it is fantastic to see the women’s game going from strength to strength and we need to support them through this process in the best way that we can.”