RPA - 22nd February 2023 - Beno Obano wins RPA Vodafone Business Gain Line Award

RPA - 22nd February 2023 - Beno Obano wins RPA Vodafone Business Gain Line Award

February 22nd 2023

The RPA is delighted to announce Beno Obano of Bath Rugby as the worthy recipient of this season's second RPA Vodafone Business Gain Line Award.

The RPA Vodafone Business Gain Line Award was created to support current and former players of the game in their off the field business ventures.

In the last few years, Obano has become heavily involved in film and documentary making, launching his own production company, ‘Sinnybaby Media’. He has gone on to create two documentaries, ‘Everybody’s Game’ in November 2020, and ‘Prep To Win’ in April 2022. Both have been acquired by Amazon Prime and streamed on the platform to huge success.

On winning the award, Obano said: “It feels great to be recognised for this award. You don’t really do these types of things to be rewarded for it, so it’s always nice when you do get that recognition, it’s brilliant, so thank you!”

Obano’s RPA Development Manager, Matt Garvey, said: “Beno has epitomised how you can use an injury to your advantage. He created his own media production company and created two hugely successful rugby documentaries that Amazon Prime streamed. Not only has he brought awareness to minority groups within rugby, but more recently he has provided a behind the scenes glimpse of what professional rugby is all about.

Beno is leading the way by showing other players how they can use time away from the game to set themselves up for life after rugby. The fact that Amazon Prime secured the rights to these programs is vindication enough of not only the content within these films, but also of the amount of hard work and dedication that Beno applied.”

Andrew Stevens, Commercial Director, Business at Vodafone Business, said: “We are so pleased to hear that Beno has been awarded with the RPA Vodafone Business Gain Line Award. It is inspiring to see how Beno has turned time out from rugby due to injury into a positive venture. We are looking forward to seeing his production company go from strength to strength.”

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