Former professional footballer Clarke Carlisle and former Rugby 7s player Ollie Phillips speaking at the two year anniversary event for the Mental Health Charter
Former professional footballer Clarke Carlisle and former Rugby 7s player Ollie Phillips speaking at the two year anniversary event for the Mental Health Charter

Gambling Education

In partnership with GambleAware and our members, we wanted to improve players’ understanding of gambling and raise awareness of the support available to players who may have a gambling problem.  This follows on from our research which showed that professional sportspeople are 4 times more at risk of developing a gambling problem than the average person.  As a result we’ve launched a new microsite and series of films targeted at sportspeople and highlighting the risks, the warning signs and critically, the support available to players from the player associations.  Click here for more information


Mental Health

We are committed to promoting mental wellbeing in professional sport and also using the power of sport to help break down the stigma that sometimes surrounds mental health issues. The PPF is one of the founding partners of the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation along with the Sport and Recreation Alliance and Mind. The influential Charter celebrated its two year anniversary in March 2017 with an event at the London Aquatics Centre attended by many of the Charter’s signatories as well as mental health ambassadors from across sport.

Nearly 300 organisations are signed up to the Charter which has seen a really positive impact on how sporting organisations tackle mental health issues. We were pleased to see the Department of Culture, Media and Sport reference the Charter and highlight mental health as a key outcome of sport in their 2015 sports strategy.

Find out more here about the Charter and view some of the case studies. Organisations wishing to sign up to the Charter should contact

Find out more about the support and education provided by player associations in the area of mental health and wellbeing.

Watch a film produced by the PPF featuring four former pro sportsmen discussing mental health issues and professional sport.  Released in February 2019 and supported by Mind and the Tom Maynard Trust.


The PPF and its members are committed to drug free sport and support fair, effective and proportionate drug testing regimes that recognise and respect athletes’ legal rights as both employees and European citizens.

The majority of sports in the UK are subject to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code. The Code imposes a number of restrictions upon athletes that have the potential to conflict with national and European legislation, including human rights, the working time directive and data protection laws.

The PPF is committed to working with partners towards a drugs policy that balances the needs of the drug testers against the rights of players whilst recognising the specifics of professional sport in the UK. We are strong advocates for the need to focus on rehabilitation and treatment when it comes to recreational drugs rather than a simplistic and dangerous focus on banning players as seen within the current WADA Code.

Betting Integrity

Our education partnership with the betting operators helps to educate around 5,000 senior and academy players each year about sports betting integrity. More information on the education work is available here.

In addition to helping to fund and develop this education the PPF was one of the founding members of the Sports Betting Integrity Forum and the Sports Betting Group. We are also official observers on the EU Expert Group on Match Fixing. Our work in these committees helps to ensure that the views of athletes are represented during policy discussions about how best to combat the threat of match fixing.

In 2018 the PPF produced a series of short films aimed at players covering some key questions around betting integrity, corruption and match fixing.  Produced in association with Betway, Paddy Power Betfair and Bet 365.