PCA - 10th October 2019 - PCA relaunch Mental Wellbeing App

PCA - 10th October 2019 - PCA relaunch Mental Wellbeing App

10th October 2019

The Professional Cricketers’ Association has partnered with Thrive to support members in the prevention, early-detection and self-management of common mental health conditions. ‘Thrive’ is an NHS approved app created by consultant psychiatrists and consultants psychologists using purely evidence based, clinically effective techniques.

The mobile application is an update of the resource members have had access to since 2015. After updating in 2017, the ‘PCA Thrive App’ has now been transformed into a custom-made support mechanism. Research has proved the app significantly accelerates depression recovery time and the update includes customised support links for every member to confidentially seek further support whenever they need it.

The PCA has championed the ongoing interests of professional cricketers in England and Wales since its formation in 1967. As part of their commitment in supporting members, the PCA have an ever-growing mental health and wellbeing programme which provides a variety of useful tools and services which are beneficial to common mental health concerns including stress, anxiety and depression.

Ian Thomas said, "Extending our relationship with Thrive is a positive move in ensuring the PCA is offering current and former professional cricketers with the tools to self-manage their mental health."

Cricket is widely regarded as a leader in the field of mental health and the PCA’s ‘Mind Matters’ campaign was introduced in 2012 and focused on creating awareness and supporting cricketers through common mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

The app, created by consultant psychiatrists and consultant psychologists, provides resilience building tools and clinically evidenced techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy programmes, mindfulness techniques such as meditation and deep muscle relaxation, and others. The PCA have worked with Thrive to build confidential ways for all members to seek further support through the app too, including a private helpline, direct access to player welfare managers, and more.

To download the app, members simply visit their relevant app store (Apple or Google Play) and download the free app. Members are provided a unique PCA access code offering free access and unlimited usage via their Personal Development Manager or Ali Prosser.